Learn more about Andrew Muchmore’s life in the electronic dance music scene.

As a product of the 80’s, Andrew has always been an avid fan of electronic dance music. Groups like Depeche Mode, The Shamen, Lords of Acid, The Prodigy and Utah Saints were prominent musical influences while he was growing up. In the 90’s, he discovered the European DJ scene, which eventually led him to listen to DJ’s such as: Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, Sasha, Digweed, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Tiesto and more. Once introduced to progressive and trance music, he was hooked and quickly submerged himself into the world of EDM. Andrew became a regular at some of the best venues in Los Angeles (Spundae, Giant, The Palace (Avalon), and more), and soon after began spinning on his own pair of decks.

In 1998, Andrew began developing his music career by becoming a pioneer in online music as a co-founder of FusionRecords.net. DJ’ing under the alias “DJ Infinity”, Andrew co-hosted FusionRecords’ weekly Internet Radio show along with DJay Fusion (WHFR FM, Detroit). By 2001 Andrew had become a regular in the Los Angeles DJ scene, playing at a variety of clubs and raves throughout Southern California. In 2001, Andrew also started his own record label, Nth Degree Records, along with long-time friend and business partner Christopher Frewin. Andrew’s goal with Nth Degree Records was to produce, promote and release trance and progressive music for DJ’s and music fans worldwide. After running Nth Degree Records for 3 years, Andrew decided to focus solely on his DJ’ing and sold Nth Degree to Nice Kitty Music Entertainment, Ltd. / Black Tiger Recordings, Canada – where Nth Degree Records continued to release tracks and sign new talent.

After relocating to the San Diego area in 2002, Andrew quickly became a part of the local club scene. Not long after he became one of San Diego’s most well-known local DJs and has held residencies at some of the city’s best night clubs including: Club Montage (voted ‘Nightclub of the Year 2003’ by Bar and Nightclub Magazine), Tantra Sutra (L5), Club Pure and Aubergine. Andrew has also played at some of the most notable clubs and parties in the United States including: Spundae San Francisco @ Ten15 Folsom and Burning Man. He’s played events alongside some of the biggest names in the trance and progressive music scene today including Kazell, Mark Tabberner, Gabriel & Dresden, Markus Schulz, Filo & Peri, Jon O’Bir, Mike Shiver, Jon Bishop, Doran, Nicholas Bennison, Kris B, Marscruiser, Josh Abrams, John Kelley, Eve Falcon, and more.

During the six years of DJ’ing under the alias “DJ Infinity”, Andrew released over 15 mix CD’s, including the “Infinite Trance” & “Progress” series of mixes which received national radio play in the United States. In 2004, Andrew dropped the “Infinity” moniker and began DJ’ing and producing original music under his given name, Andrew Muchmore. He also started his own production company, Altar of Sound Productions, based in San Diego, CA. Altar of Sound concentrated on bringing the best music, DJ’s and live performances to the local San Diego area as well as to national and international venues.

Through 2006 Andrew could be found performing regularly at clubs and other venues in Southern California and across the United States. He held residencies with 4486 Productions in San Diego, as well as a bi-monthly residency at Lava, Los Angeles. You could also catch him live every week hosting his weekly Internet Radio show, “Altar of Sound Presents” at Trancesphere.com.

In late 2006, due to some unexpected life events, Andrew had to put DJ’ing on hold and not long after relocated away from San Diego. 8 years went by until he decided it was time to pick up where he left off. Since 2014 Andrew has been posting regular mixes to his website AndrewMuchmore.com and to iTunes, which is where you can hear him play today.

Over the years Andrew’s musical style has evolved blending trance, progressive, and breaks into a unique, high energy, uplifting club music experience. You can keep up with Andrew on Twitter @AndrewMuchmore, his official Andrew Muchmore Facebook page, or through the forums on AndrewMuchmore.com.