ANDREW MUCHMORE – Live @ The Desert Grove Project 8-21-04 (Continuous DJ Mix)

A live set from The Desert Groove Project somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Recorded live on August 21st, 2004!

Head on down to San Diego, turn left on the 8, and drive for 3 or so hours into the middle of the desert. That’s where The Desert Groove Project took place. Hosted by Goodvibe Productions / DJ Jef Phillips.

Goodvibe was gracious enough to let me play a 2 hour set. We were having some technical difficulties with the recording during the first hour but we were able to get the second hour recorded. It ended up being a really good set and it was an awesome event to be at!

You can listen to it below. Enjoy!

ANDREW MUCHMORE – Live @ The Desert Groove Project (Continuous DJ Mix)

Track List

1. Beetseekers – Reflexion (John 00 Flemming Remix)
2. Estuera – Travels
3. Empyreal Sun – Intense Emotion (Original Mix)
4. Unknown
5. Scott Bond & Solarstone – Naked Angel (Original Mix)
6. Photon Project – 11th Hour
7. Art Of Trance & POB – Turkish Bizzarre (DBA Remix)
8. Cetroit – Mind Yourself (Tukan Remix)
9. Cern – The Message (Southern Mix)
10. Woodshokk – Tulips & Chocolate (G&M Project Remix)

Did you listen to my live set from The Desert Groove Project? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or talk about it on my forums!


Andrew Muchmore is a Southern California based DJ and producer mixing a blended style of trance, progressive, and breaks into a unique, high energy, uplifting club music experience. You can keep up with Andrew on Twitter @AndrewMuchmore, his official Andrew Muchmore Facebook page, SoundCloud, MixCloud, or through the forums on

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