ANDREW MUCHMORE – Live @ Ten15 Folsom (Spundae, San Francisco) 1-16-04 (Continuous DJ Mix)

A live set from my show at Ten15 Folsom in San Francisco. Recorded live on January 16th, 2004!

This is hands down one of the best events I’ve ever played! Check out my live set from Ten15 Folsom, Spundae San Francisco below!


ANDREW MUCHMORE – Live @ Ten15 Folsom (Spundae, San Francisco) (Continuous DJ Mix)

Track List

1. DJ Danjo & Rob Styles – Aragon (Intro Mix)
2. San Mehat – Nth Degree Records White Label
3. Mario Piu – Incanto Per Ginerva
4. Unknown
5. Octagen & Arizona – Starburst (Original Mix)
6. Micro De Govia – Dive In The Ocean
7. Cazoom – Love Affection
8. Blank & Jones – A Forrest (Ron Van Den Beuken Remix)
9. Signum – Push Through (Jaron Inc. Remix)
10. JFK – Good God (Original 2001 Mix)
11. Gigi Montanini – Magau (Land Of Peace)
12. DJ Quicksilver – Ameno
13. Unknown
14. Tiesto – Traffic

Did you listen to my live set from Ten15 Folsom? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or talk about it on my forums!


Andrew Muchmore is a Southern California based DJ and producer mixing a blended style of trance, progressive, and breaks into a unique, high energy, uplifting club music experience. You can keep up with Andrew on Twitter @AndrewMuchmore, his official Andrew Muchmore Facebook page, SoundCloud, MixCloud, or through the forums on

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